Tips and Tricks For Your Kitchen Remodel  

When you’re getting any room in the house renovated or remodelled, it pays to know what you’re doing. Should you take down this wall? Should you re-tile this area? Should you install new lighting? These can sound simple, but the answers will depend on design principles you may not understand.

This is true for the kitchen and perhaps is more important there. Every room in the house serves as both an aesthetic display and a function. The kitchen more so, because it can serve so many roles. It is critical to get the right “flow” there, or else everything it does feels stunted or wrong.

Here are a few things you may not think about – but should – when getting kitchen renovations Perth done.

You’ll want to eliminate any wasted space and traffic problems.

Think about the flow of your work. Think about how you use your items and tools and where they are stored. Would it improve your workflow if the spice rack was behind you, instead of to the right? Would it make things smoother, faster, if you stored specific tools overhead?

Try to keep the walkways wide.

Kitchens can sometimes feel cramped, difficult to navigate. Widening the paths gives people going in and out of it more room to move, all without disrupting the person doing the cooking. It also provides you more space and making the whole place feel less constricting.

Keep appliances away from corners and doors, if you can. It helps prevent all sorts of problems.

Most kitchens have islands. Most kitchen islands serve no apparent purpose.

The form of the island should follow what function it performs. If you’re planning on using it as a dining area, it should be big enough for that. If it’s just a staging ground for dishes, it should reflect that too. Not considering what its function is can cause space problems in your renovation.

Do not – we repeat, do not – put knives in a position where children can get to them, or they can fall, blade pointing to the ground.

If you store snacks for kids, consider the height of the placement. Are they in an area that the smaller ones can reach easily?


It’s a good idea to have multiple outlets. You’re probably going to find yourself using more than one appliance, and it’s a hassle to see that you don’t have enough outlets for all of them. Best to have too many and not need them than to need them and not have any to spare.

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